Sensational Sixes

Lang Slam!

The Grade 6’s have spent their English lessons today playing games! But never fear they are really educational (yet fun) games to consolidate the language concepts that they have learned.

Ranging from verb-teaching-Charades to shooting hoops as a reward for getting direct and indirect speech correct, this was a really fun way to cement a concept for the kids.

Learning Language has never been this much fun!

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Learning the ropes…

Smooth sailing indeed! A sense of calmness has settled over the grade 6’s as their nerves has disappeared and now we get to see their personalities take flight.

Looking out for others and seeing a need and fulfilling those needs is definitely what we want to engrave into our learner’s hearts.

The following two young ladies are definitely on the right track and we know that our grade 6 group will have more stories like this to share.

Hannah and Alexis on their own decided that they want to make these Waterwise models for every class at the Senior Primary to help us as a Campus save more water. Well done ladies !!!Screen Shot 2018-02-06 at 8.52.23 PM.pngScreen Shot 2018-02-06 at 8.52.09 PM.png

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Welcome to Grade 6 2018

A new year, full of new things, new experiences and fresh excitement. For the first time pupils will be taught by various learning area specialists, they still have a home teacher, but will move between classes each day to many different teachers.

This year sees Miss Calitz teaching the Afrikaans, Mrs Kent teaching Natural Sciences and English, Mrs Copeland teaching English and Social Sciences and Mr Walker teaching Mathematics. Feel free to contact them at the addresses below.

Afrikaans –
English – or
Social Sciences –
Natural Sciences –
Mathematics –

On to a new year then, watch this space for more exciting developments in Grade 6.

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Intaka Island

On Wednesday the 30 May and Friday 2 June, the Gr 6 classes visited the splendid Intaka Island Wetlands.

This incredible island is situated in the heart of Century City. It is a 16 hectare wetland and bird sanctuary and is home to indigenous fynbos and 120 different bird species.

Intaka means bird in Xhosa.

The pupils enjoyed learning about food webs that exist around the island, as well as useful medicinal plants. They also enjoyed a boat trip around the canals.

A great day out indeed!

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Hats off…to the Gr 6 Pupils!

I am so incredibly proud to showcase the Gr 6 efforts during their fusing plastic project! Their hard work and perseverance paid off and the overall products were amazing.  Creative flair came to the fore with good conceptual and problem-solving skills being needed in order for brims to be attached, patterns to be fused on and sizing to be perfect.  I loved the attention to detail, the stark contrast between colours and the clever combinations of patterns…things to be proud of indeed.

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Rocklands Gr 6 Camp 2017

The Gr 6 classes of 2017 are currently enjoying time out at Rocklands, Simons Town. Yesterday, Wednesday, the pupils were treated to a number of physically demanding activities, culminating in a beautiful night hike (we even had drizzle to add to the mood!). Today, Thursday, we had a crazy wind to deal with but we still managed an outing to the beach! More physical activities and of course a light concert quickly filled the day. One more day tomorrow, time passes by too quickly!

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Fusing Plastic…It’s Wicked!

The Grade 6s have kicked off their year investigating the musical, Wicked. In Drama they are listening to and unpacking the lyrics of songs while in Design and Technology the practical element comes in.  In pairs, they have to design and then create a hat that symbolises the themes they have drawn from the lyrics.  The hats are made by fusing plastic bags together using an iron – a skill many had to get to grips with!  So far the lessons have been abuzz with problem-solving and planning in between chatting to other pairs for ironing tips.  We can’t wait to see the end results!

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Welcome to 2017!

It seems that the year has started with an absolute bang! Our children have already settled into their new classes and learning is well under way!

We are all enjoying getting to know each other and we look forward to the year ahead.

We hope to live by these words during the coming year…


Here’s to a wonderful, meaningful and successful 2017!

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Goodbye 2016

Dear Grade 6 Parents

As we end off a successful Grade 6 year, we would like to extend a sincere thank you to all of you for your support and encouragement towards your children and us as teachers. 

The year has ended with a successful Celebratory Assembly and a fun-filled Grade 6 Farewell party! the year has been a good one!

We bid farewell to you and wish you all the best in 2017 as the children head off to Grade 7 to face new exciting adventures.

We wish you all a very restful holiday, a blessed Christmas and a prosperous New Year ahead.

Kind Regards

The Grade 6 Team 

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The Looniest ‘Lympics

In the spirit of the fun and celebration of the 2016 Rio Olympics, Elkanah House Senior Primary held our very own Loony Lympics. This was an amazing effort by Mr Sandmann, Mrs Louw and the Class Rep moms.

Each class was given a country to represent and then the games began!  It all started with the costume dash, a lively event where parents helped come up with incredible costumes for their “country” to wear.


This was quickly followed by the decor sprints, where much enthusiasm was put into transforming  everyday classrooms into an international destination, draped with flags and paraphernalia from their new country.

These two warm-up events lead up to the big day, where countries clashed against each other on the school fields, with flags and war cries in hand. There were many wild and crazy events planned around the field and these were done with great enthusiasm and more than a little bit of silliness.

Unfortunately the weather did not play along and after a downpour  substantial enough to turn all of our events into what looked like synchronized swimming events, we had a to call it a day.

But what little time we had was really fun and we are hoping to be able to give this a bash again later in the year. Well done to all who participated and especially to our helpful parents.

All that I have left to say is watch out world, Great Britain is coming to take the Gold!


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