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Heart of Cape Town Museum

The drama of the world’s first human heart transplant, led by Professor Christiaan Neethling Barnard, played out within the walls of the Charles Saint Theatre, at Groote Schuur Hospital on the 3rd December 1967. The human heart transplant, one of the greatest moments in medical history, was made possible by an extraordinary interplay of scientific dedication; human courage and generosity and a timely chain of events. Today, The Heart of Cape Town Museum honours all those who played a major role in the surgical feat that pushed the boundaries of science, into the dawn of a new medical era, an era in which it became possible to transplant the symbol of the essence of life, our human heart.



A representation of Denise Darvall’s room. She was the donor of the first heart that was transplanted.


He looks real!! The museum was very interactive.


Future surgeons???




“It is the crowning effort of a team of men and women who bring at that moment, the training of a lifetime. Structured with the inherited technique and skill of a millennium – all are fused to one objective: to replace a dying heart with a new one, to save one life.” Christiaan Neethling Barnard, 1922-2001




Louis Washkansky was the recipient of the world’s first human heart transplant.






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Science is fun!

Experiments are always a great way to gain real understanding in the Science classroom. They give the children hands-on experience and are usually so much fun that every child is actively involved in the lesson.

Recently we learned about food groups and we used iodine to test various foods for starch. Needless to say, the rice and bread elicited some really great responses and interest!

IMG_6943 - Copy - Copy IMG_6926 - Copy - Copy IMG_6952 - Copy - Copy IMG_6953 - Copy (2) IMG_6965 - Copy - Copy IMG_6967 - Copy - Copy

Over the last few weeks we have been learning all about electricity and this gave us an excellent opportunity to experiment with and investigate different ways of creating our own electricity.

IMG_9513 IMG_9508 IMG_9499 IMG_9496


A great deal was learned and much fun was had by all! 

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The Gr 6 Reach for a Dream Slipper Day

Showing our support!

On Friday, August 1, the Elkanah House Grade 6 pupils showed their support for the Reach for a Dream foundation by wearing slippers to school. Nicky Mark kindly sponsored all the pupils, allowing them to arrive in all sorts of peculiar slippers, some interesting choices indeed!

In thought...

By doing this, much attention was drawn to the foundation’s mission. Have a look for yourself!

A Circle of Slippers

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