Sensational Sixes

Something new… our Term 3 Life Orientation ILT!

Pause Dance demo!  Physical theatre

The Grade 6 pupils were involved in their termly ILT (Integrated Learning Task) last week Wednesday to Friday. It was an ILT with a difference, as the focus was on Life Orientation for a change! Very exciting!

It’s fair to say, growing up has never been more challenging for an 11 year old, so many questions and pressures! Time was spent covering issues such as bullying, social media management, changing bodies, reputation and the importance thereof, what it means to be a young man/woman these days, as well as the important issue of personal hygiene!

As teachers, we often feel saddened by the fact that we have to address certain issues at such a young age but unfortuntely we are left with little choice as the pupils are heavily bombarded by the media, influencing them powerfully.

Solid discussion was had and we certainly could have carried on talking for many more days, so many questions still to answer!


Influence or be influenced Should all men carry swords?

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