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The Magic that was Annie

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Wednesday 29 July 2015 saw the conclusion of a most beautiful experience. For the past few days, Annie was all we could think of. The pupils performed with such passion and charisma, thoroughly impressing all with their efforts.

The show was made all the more special by the inclusion of teachers in the cast. While we often talk about the children needing to be challenged, stretched and grown; that was certainly even truer for the adults! It will never cease to amaze me how children and adults alike will better their efforts and up their game when demanded to, we really all can do better than the very best we have in mind – something worth remembering!

Lines, lights, sound, costumes, make-up… what a thrill!

Thank you Mrs van Tonder for a treasure of a memory.

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Welcome back to a Thrilling Term Three

Welcome back to Term 3 and what an action packed term it is going to be!

We are going to kick off the term with our Annie production and not only do we have the children’s performances to look forward to, but also those of many of our staff members. This is going to be a show to remember, so please make sure that you don’t miss out.

We also have many exciting activities planned in our different class, with a focus on the World Cup Rugby in Afrikaans (we all know how well rugby and Afrikaans go together, now all we need is some biltong!) Go Bokke!

Let’s not forget the ILT and we will be celebrating World Talk like a Pirate Day.

This is to name but a few of the amazing activities that we have to look forward to and best of all is that we get to share them with your awesome children.

Here’s to a fantastic 3rd term!

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Happy Holidays!

Three days into the holidays and I trust everyone is having fun in the bit of winter sun!

Term 2 is now just a memory and I trust that the parent teacher meetings went very well. Please be kind to your kids if the rapports are not what you have expected…They all promised that they can do better next term, so let us hold them to that 😉

Please feel free to contact the subject specific teachers via email if you have any questions, queries or concerns. Thank you for all the support you as parents give your children! I am sure they do appreciate it and trust that they thank you often enough.

If you are travelling, be safe. If you are not going anywhere this holiday, enjoy the time with your children.



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