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When the cats away….. the mice will have an amazing time!

On Tuesday morning the school was filled with a large group of excited students. These students could NOT wait until the sports tours began. But not for the reason you may think…
These were not our avid netball, rugby, soccer and hockey touring teams, but a small group of 25 incredible individuals and two amazing female teachers, who were about to embark on our own adventure for the next three days.

And what an adventure it was!.

Tuesday started with an early morning planning for the delectable feasts they would prepare in their Masterchef cook-off on Thursday. This was followed by a viewing of the classic “Neverending Story”. They then had to create a trailer for the movie. These were inspiring. What incredibly talented kids we have. We also managed to sneak in a picnic in the hall, as our plans to walk to a local park were dampened by the rain.

Wednesday brought new adventures, which included a visit from two very eager and excitable sports coaches, who planned an amazing couple of hours of activities(thanks Brett and Craig). These included a very raucous game of dusterhockey,

followed by wheelbarrow races,



a state of the art paper jet competition




and then a raw-egg throwing competition.


The day was then rounded off with a drumming session with Mr Carr. This was great fun for all, and you would be amazed at the rhythm and drumming skills that the children possess.


Finally the long awaited Masterchef cook-off day arrived and we were blown away! Each group had to create a 3 course meal and we were more than pleasantly surprised. The stakes (or should I say steaks) were high, as they were not only competing for the important title of Masterchef, but also for two slabs of Bubbly chocolate. The food was delicious, the children professional, the dishes beautifully presented(and hand washed) and the day a complete success! What a fabulous day with a fabulous group of young chefs!





We had such a wide range of meals, from Thai to homemade mushroom ravioli, to wors braaied by the Braaimasters, a three course sandwich meal, chocolate cake baked at school, delicious wraps, homemade icecream, homemade waffles (some in penguin shapes), the most delicious homemade hamburgers, incredibly more-ish peppermint caramel fridgetart, steak and chips to die for to mention just a few. Suffice to say that the two teachers tasting and judging everything where in need of a good jog that afternoon.


IMG_9784IMG_9798 (1)

And finally we finished off the three days by watching the trailers that the children produced. Well made and inspiring.

What a wonderful couple of days, if only school could always be like this! So yes, the mice really did have an amazing time.

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