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Stadiums and Sunshine

imageOn Tuesday and Wednesday of last week the Grade 6 classes had the opportunity to visit the Cape Town Stadium. We were taken on a guided tour to parts of the stadium that one does not usually get to see. We even got to go down to the field and into the change rooms where famous players and superstars get to prepare for their upcoming events.

It was an interesting outing and the sheer size and detail taken into consideration when designing and building the stadium was mind blowing.

This was then followed by a visit to Greenpoint Park, where we ate a much needed snack and the pupils had a chance to explore the impressive ‘big kid’ playpark. Although I am not convinced that eating lunch and riding on those spinning cups is the best combination.

We couldn’t have asked for nicer weather for our outings.

Perhaps the next time one of our children enter that change room, it will be a Springbok rugby player or as famous singer!

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Mouth Watering Mathematics

Mouth Watering Mathematics

This term the Grade 6 pupils have been learning about data handling, the importance and reasoning behind transforming boring data into eye-catching, visually stimulating graphs. The pupils were asked to each bring a packet of sweets to school, analyse the contents, collate the data and present their finding using graphs. A tasty treat and a great learning experience! Yum yum!

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Book Day, Shakespeare and all things wonderful!

Last week was spent celebrating books, authors and words! Our school decided to turn Book Day into Book Week and we loved every minute of it.

During the week, the grade 6 pupils spent time learning about Shakespeare and his life. Considering that the 23rd of April was the 400th Anniversary of his death, we felt that it would be appropriate to use Book Week as an opportunity to introduce our learners to one of the greatest writers of all time. We investigated well-known phrases which originate from his writing as well as some of his best-known works. Activities were turned into competitions and chocolates were up for grabs!

We are also planning to learn more about A Midsummer Night’s Dream in the upcoming weeks. Our Drama department will be joining us in this endeavour as well so watch this space!

The pupils participated in a Book Slam which was a lot of fun! Each child was given the task of choosing a book which they have really enjoyed and which they would highly recommend. They then had to present this to their class in a 3 minute ‘promo’ and they were allowed to dress up or even become a character from the book, if they wanted to. It was encouraging to see the wide variety of genres which are being read by our learners and most exciting was the enthusiasm which the children felt about new books and new authors.

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Book Day was further celebrated by special visits from various ¬†‘non register’ teachers to the classrooms. These very keen and eager teachers did a reading for the children from one of their own favourite books. It was wonderful to hear from teachers who do not always get the chance to do reading with the children and the kids loved the variety of books read to them.

Perhaps a highlight of Book Day for some of the classes was the trip to our Junior Primary next door. Grade 6 learners were teamed up with little Grade 1 friends and the pairs/teams enjoyed some reading in the sunshine.What an incredible way to spend the day.


It was definitely a day (and a week) well spent. It was fabulous to take time out of our busy schedule and make a big deal of books and reading…something so integral to education.


In the words of Lemony Snicket… “Never trust anyone who has not brought a book with them”.

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