Sensational Sixes


IUGUWith Bon Jovi, Justin Bieber, James Walker and the ILT all happening, there’s no wonder why Grade 6 is full of exciting times…

During the past week Cape Town has experienced top international performers at the Cape Town Stadium. Elkanah learners who were lucky enough to attend the concerts couldn’t sit still at school while waiting for their parents to collect them.  Justin Bieber, of course being top priority on Wednesday last week, put on a great show making his fans very proud to be Beliebers!

The Walker family has a new member, their new-born baby boy, James. This is very exciting for the Walkers as well as the Elkanah family! The Kestrels had a great time preparing a surprise baby shower and making Mr Walker wear a dummy and use a bottle during his break.

The ILT has kicked off and by the amount of talking happening in the class you can tell the Grade Sixes are thrilled with their integrated tasks!


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