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Book Day, Shakespeare and all things wonderful!

Last week was spent celebrating books, authors and words! Our school decided to turn Book Day into Book Week and we loved every minute of it.

During the week, the grade 6 pupils spent time learning about Shakespeare and his life. Considering that the 23rd of April was the 400th Anniversary of his death, we felt that it would be appropriate to use Book Week as an opportunity to introduce our learners to one of the greatest writers of all time. We investigated well-known phrases which originate from his writing as well as some of his best-known works. Activities were turned into competitions and chocolates were up for grabs!

We are also planning to learn more about A Midsummer Night’s Dream in the upcoming weeks. Our Drama department will be joining us in this endeavour as well so watch this space!

The pupils participated in a Book Slam which was a lot of fun! Each child was given the task of choosing a book which they have really enjoyed and which they would highly recommend. They then had to present this to their class in a 3 minute ‘promo’ and they were allowed to dress up or even become a character from the book, if they wanted to. It was encouraging to see the wide variety of genres which are being read by our learners and most exciting was the enthusiasm which the children felt about new books and new authors.

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Book Day was further celebrated by special visits from various  ‘non register’ teachers to the classrooms. These very keen and eager teachers did a reading for the children from one of their own favourite books. It was wonderful to hear from teachers who do not always get the chance to do reading with the children and the kids loved the variety of books read to them.

Perhaps a highlight of Book Day for some of the classes was the trip to our Junior Primary next door. Grade 6 learners were teamed up with little Grade 1 friends and the pairs/teams enjoyed some reading in the sunshine.What an incredible way to spend the day.


It was definitely a day (and a week) well spent. It was fabulous to take time out of our busy schedule and make a big deal of books and reading…something so integral to education.


In the words of Lemony Snicket… “Never trust anyone who has not brought a book with them”.

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What’s in a name?

It is a funny thing how many of us spend most of our lives not knowing much, if anything, about our surnames and where they come from. Yet, our surnames are the first sense of belonging we are given, our first identity.

The grade 6s were given the task of researching their surname as well as their family history. They then had to present their findings to the class in the form of an oral…and it has been fascinating!

It has been wonderful to learn about the diverse backgrounds which we all come from and to be able to celebrate our heritage. Many of the children have been very surprised by what they have learned about their parents, grandparents and forefathers.

What a fun and special way to learn more about each other!

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Learning is fun!


During Natural Science, the children got a chance to get creative and come up with their own visual aids to represent the LAYERS OF OUR ATMOSPHERE. Not only does this test their knowledge but it also allows them an opportunity to teach others…and have fun too!


Social Science provided another hands on activity! The grade sixes used their orange ‘Earths’ to work out how to take the globe and create a 2D map.

Learning in grade six, at Elkanah, is definitely lots of fun!

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The Magic that was Annie

IMG_4319 IMG_4251 IMG_4355


Wednesday 29 July 2015 saw the conclusion of a most beautiful experience. For the past few days, Annie was all we could think of. The pupils performed with such passion and charisma, thoroughly impressing all with their efforts.

The show was made all the more special by the inclusion of teachers in the cast. While we often talk about the children needing to be challenged, stretched and grown; that was certainly even truer for the adults! It will never cease to amaze me how children and adults alike will better their efforts and up their game when demanded to, we really all can do better than the very best we have in mind – something worth remembering!

Lines, lights, sound, costumes, make-up… what a thrill!

Thank you Mrs van Tonder for a treasure of a memory.

IMG_4465  IMG_4419IMG_9792

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Grade 6 Camp at Rocklands!

During the second last week of term, the grade 6 pupils and their very lucky teachers made their way to Rocklands, near Simonstown.

We were all fortunate enough to spend three days and two nights in this very beautiful part of the world. Activities included obstacle courses, drumming, rock-climbing, building sand castles and archery – to name but a few!

It was a very busy and FUN filled three days. A much quieter bus trip on the way home was testament to that!

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The 2015 Senior Primary Interhouse Gala

On Saturday the 7th of March, all the pupils at the Senior Primary were involved in the annual Interhouse Gala. The morning began with passionate war cries ringing around the sports field… Ruby… Sapphire… Emerald…
The competition was fierce and the spirit was strong! In the end, Emerald showed the most passion, walking away with the spirit cup. Absolute glory though, belonged to Sapphire house, overall winners on the day!
Well done Sapphire, you deserved the victory….. bring on 2016!

 IMG_7520 IMG_7513 IMG_6935 IMG_6929 IMG_6921 IMG_6883 IMG_6881 IMG_6879

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Science is fun!

Experiments are always a great way to gain real understanding in the Science classroom. They give the children hands-on experience and are usually so much fun that every child is actively involved in the lesson.

Recently we learned about food groups and we used iodine to test various foods for starch. Needless to say, the rice and bread elicited some really great responses and interest!

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Over the last few weeks we have been learning all about electricity and this gave us an excellent opportunity to experiment with and investigate different ways of creating our own electricity.

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A great deal was learned and much fun was had by all! 

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End of term…

Wow! It seems that the old saying really is true…Time flies when you are having fun! The first term is done and dusted and what a wonderful term it has been. Busy – definitely! Productive – absolutely! Enjoyable – YES! YES! YES!

It is now time for children, teachers and parents to enjoy a break from routine and to hopefully recharge the batteries.

Without the usual hustle and bustle, the school really is a lonely place.  We look forward to new challenges and new adventures next term!

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Creativity and Science…it’s a beautiful thing!

Who says that science lessons cannot be creative? The grade sixes are busy creating eco-systems in order to better understand the concept as well as to show their understanding of food-chains and food-webs.

They are working in groups and had to decide on an eco-system of their own choosing. After researching their chosen eco-system, they have to find a way to recreate it on paper. They have been encouraged to use paint, pastels, fabric or even real materials sourced from an actual  eco-system. I look forward to seeing the final products!

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Our first ILT






Last week the grade sixes were involved in their first ILT for the year. The overall task was to create an environmental documentary which would raise awareness about an issue which the children feel passionately about.

The project was broken down into smaller activities such as researching the issue,collating and sifting through the information, preparing and recording a debate, writing a letter to government officials as well as staging a protest!

It was amazing to see how well the children coped with the task and how creatively they put their documentaries together. It was most certainly an absolute success and enjoyed by all!

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