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The 2015 Senior Primary Interhouse Gala

On Saturday the 7th of March, all the pupils at the Senior Primary were involved in the annual Interhouse Gala. The morning began with passionate war cries ringing around the sports field… Ruby… Sapphire… Emerald…
The competition was fierce and the spirit was strong! In the end, Emerald showed the most passion, walking away with the spirit cup. Absolute glory though, belonged to Sapphire house, overall winners on the day!
Well done Sapphire, you deserved the victory….. bring on 2016!

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The Elkanah SP Gala 2014

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On Saturday 8 March, the Elkanah Senior Primary Interhouse Gala took place.
The morning began with many passionate war cries ringing out around the pool, screams of Ruby, Sapphire and Emerald passion! The competition was fierce and and the Gees was rocking!
As expected, records were broken! With Duncan Edwards (three records)and Nuria Ribeiro (two records) being the most successful swimmers on the day!
In the end, Sapphire showed the most passion and cheer, walking away with the spirit cup. The real victory however, lay at the feet of Emerald House, the overall winners on the day!
Well done to Emerald House on a deserved victory!
Until we swim again…

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