Sensational Sixes

Intaka Island

On Wednesday the 30 May and Friday 2 June, the Gr 6 classes visited the splendid Intaka Island Wetlands.

This incredible island is situated in the heart of Century City. It is a 16 hectare wetland and bird sanctuary and is home to indigenous fynbos and 120 different bird species.

Intaka means bird in Xhosa.

The pupils enjoyed learning about food webs that exist around the island, as well as useful medicinal plants. They also enjoyed a boat trip around the canals.

A great day out indeed!

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Fusing Plastic…It’s Wicked!

The Grade 6s have kicked off their year investigating the musical, Wicked. In Drama they are listening to and unpacking the lyrics of songs while in Design and Technology the practical element comes in.  In pairs, they have to design and then create a hat that symbolises the themes they have drawn from the lyrics.  The hats are made by fusing plastic bags together using an iron – a skill many had to get to grips with!  So far the lessons have been abuzz with problem-solving and planning in between chatting to other pairs for ironing tips.  We can’t wait to see the end results!

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‘Playing @ Home!

During the first week of the second term, many of our grade 6 pupils were away on various sports tours. We decided that the teachers and children who did not accompany them should have just as much fun too(while learning, of course)!

We divided the children into two teams. They then had to name themselves and come up with a team war cry. Galaxy One and Boere Mense impressed us with their creativity and team spirit!

Our four days were filled with various activities that were not only enjoyable, but tasty too! The activities included: designing and making board games; a drum line; creating a trailer for the classic movie ‘The Goonies‘; soccer, paper jet crafting;designing a three course (and themed) menu and perhaps the most popular activity – bringing that menu to life in our very own version of Masterchef. The teachers were fortunate enough to be the judges for this and from my own personal experience let me assure you that it was no great hardship!

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Teams were allocated points for the different activities and although the final points were very close, only one team could be the ultimate Playing @ Home winners…



Well done Galaxy 1! An absolutely fun-filled week was had by all!

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Science is fun!

Experiments are always a great way to gain real understanding in the Science classroom. They give the children hands-on experience and are usually so much fun that every child is actively involved in the lesson.

Recently we learned about food groups and we used iodine to test various foods for starch. Needless to say, the rice and bread elicited some really great responses and interest!

IMG_6943 - Copy - Copy IMG_6926 - Copy - Copy IMG_6952 - Copy - Copy IMG_6953 - Copy (2) IMG_6965 - Copy - Copy IMG_6967 - Copy - Copy

Over the last few weeks we have been learning all about electricity and this gave us an excellent opportunity to experiment with and investigate different ways of creating our own electricity.

IMG_9513 IMG_9508 IMG_9499 IMG_9496


A great deal was learned and much fun was had by all! 

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Creativity and Science…it’s a beautiful thing!

Who says that science lessons cannot be creative? The grade sixes are busy creating eco-systems in order to better understand the concept as well as to show their understanding of food-chains and food-webs.

They are working in groups and had to decide on an eco-system of their own choosing. After researching their chosen eco-system, they have to find a way to recreate it on paper. They have been encouraged to use paint, pastels, fabric or even real materials sourced from an actual  eco-system. I look forward to seeing the final products!

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Our first ILT






Last week the grade sixes were involved in their first ILT for the year. The overall task was to create an environmental documentary which would raise awareness about an issue which the children feel passionately about.

The project was broken down into smaller activities such as researching the issue,collating and sifting through the information, preparing and recording a debate, writing a letter to government officials as well as staging a protest!

It was amazing to see how well the children coped with the task and how creatively they put their documentaries together. It was most certainly an absolute success and enjoyed by all!

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