Sensational Sixes

The Peace Crane Project

Our Grade 6’s are taking part in a global project called the Peace Crane Project. For this project schools around the globe make origami peace cranes and writing messages of peace on them for International Peace Day on 21 September. These cranes are then sent to schools elsewhere in the world in a Peace Crane exchange.  For more information take a look at the Peace Crane Project website.

In Art Miss Crous has been helping our Grade 6’s to make their origami cranes.  Our cranes are going to Hawaii, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts (USA), Margaret River (Australia) and to Russia (Siberia)! We are hoping to receive cranes in return.

Please take a look at the Cranes 4 Peace group blog that we have started to track the progress of the cranes. We will also comment on each other’s cranes, share Peace poetry and try to connect with each other in a more meaningful way. You will also see photos of some of our Grade 6’s with their cranes. Be sure to take note of the tiniest Peace Crane!

large crane

A special larger crane which will also be sent to a school elsewhere in the world.

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