Sensational Sixes

The Looniest ‘Lympics

In the spirit of the fun and celebration of the 2016 Rio Olympics, Elkanah House Senior Primary held our very own Loony Lympics. This was an amazing effort by Mr Sandmann, Mrs Louw and the Class Rep moms.

Each class was given a country to represent and then the games began!  It all started with the costume dash, a lively event where parents helped come up with incredible costumes for their “country” to wear.


This was quickly followed by the decor sprints, where much enthusiasm was put into transforming  everyday classrooms into an international destination, draped with flags and paraphernalia from their new country.

These two warm-up events lead up to the big day, where countries clashed against each other on the school fields, with flags and war cries in hand. There were many wild and crazy events planned around the field and these were done with great enthusiasm and more than a little bit of silliness.

Unfortunately the weather did not play along and after a downpour  substantial enough to turn all of our events into what looked like synchronized swimming events, we had a to call it a day.

But what little time we had was really fun and we are hoping to be able to give this a bash again later in the year. Well done to all who participated and especially to our helpful parents.

All that I have left to say is watch out world, Great Britain is coming to take the Gold!


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